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Sexy-Furry-Females is a clan of all the great artworks of Anthro, Neko, and Furry Females on DeviantART. We have pride in this family of ours so please come and enjoy the magnificent female furries in our gallery and if you love Sexy Furry Females wont you please join?
Founded 5 Years ago
Sep 6, 2010


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4,712 Members
6,234 Watchers
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Sexy Furry Female Group Major Changes Update
PART 1 The Rules

Before you all start freaking out, we would like to make clear that these changes are in the sincere hopes that this group will run more smoothly, be more interactive, and make everything better for our members. So for just a minute, sit your fuzzy butts on your hands and please read.

The Featured Folder:
Most of the “more strict” changes are to the rules regarding the Feature folder.

-This folder is meant showcase the best works of the artists who submit work to us. It has been noticed that many artists are submitting EVERY piece of art they make to this folder. This should not be the case. It should be your very best, not your newest random doodle. This rule INCLUDES admins.

-Nekomimi (or similar characters,i.e HUMANESQUE with ears and a tail) are NOT FURRY. They will be declined from the feature folder. You may still submit them to other folders where they will most likely be accepted, but they will NOT go into the Featured. Use this as a guide Submitted characters should fit under “More Furry” up to “Furry”

-Comic pages will also not be allowed into the Feature folder. While there are some amazing comic artists among us, we feel that all you great comic artists could more easily be noticed in the comic folder, OR submit a non-comic piece to the feature folder to advertise your comic.

-Pieces that obviously are made using bases will not be allowed in ANY folders. This issue was touched on earlier this year, but we felt the need to more clearly define it. Using something that you or other people have used a thousand times would not be considered your best work. We hope that our group inspires you to create something new and amazing to be shared with the world.

These changes are not meant to discourage new artists from submitting pieces. Art that meets the groups rules for submissions and are submitted to the proper folder, will most likely be accepted without issue. The main focus is to feature the best of what our amazing group has to offer.

On the note of our submission rules, we would like to make sure some of the more common issues are re-addressed.

Common Submission Errors
The group is called Sexy Furry Females for a reason. This mean absolutely NO MALES in any of the submitted pieces. Not as a couple, not in the background. NONE. Any art that has a male in it will be declined without debate.

-Submitting DIGITAL work to the TRADITIONAL folder.
TRADITIONAL works mean 85% or MORE of the image was completed without using the aid of digital/computer means. DIGITAL work means, MAJORITY of the image was completed using computer software and equipment.

-People trying to submit every work to the feature folder.
Once again, we are trying to make our Feature folder the very best of what you members have to offer us. Submitting every doodle and scrap negates that. Only the BEST of the best should be attempted to submit into the feature folder. For all other intents and purposes please use the subfeature folder and the rest of the sub-category folders.

-Submitting work against DA policy!
Porn is NOT ALLOWED on DeviantArt. And therefore will NOT be accepted into our group as to avoid it conflicting with deviantart's rules. Please familiarize yourself with that. Learn the difference between porn and tasteful nudity/pinup work. Penetration, a woman displaying herself spread legged in overly lewd positions, etc, are not allowed. And again, familiarize yourself with DA's global-site rules.

Now to move on to happier prospects…

PART 2 The Near Future

Now many of you may be twitching your anxious tails at this point, but just wait. It gets better.

What We (The admins) Hope to give you.
We wouldn’t want to apply all these new rules and not offer you all something back.

• A Critique Folder as a submission option. Here artists of any skill level will be able to get peer reviews from fellow members. Your admins (Vexstacy, RannaDes, and HaruShadows) will attempt to critique most of the submissions to this folder. Submitting your pieces for critique will NEVER be required, but it will be an option for those who want it.

• The return of contests! Perhaps not immediately, but we do hope to bring you new contests and prizes that would boost the community interaction.

• Better/more timely submission acceptance and overall smoother operations. We know that we have fallen behind on these and many of your submissions have expired because of it. We hope that with the new attitude and interactive community, we will be able to rectify this.

• As a final future hope, we would like to turn our group into a Super Group, and not only that, but one of the top Super Groups to get all of our Featured art noticed by many more people.

What we need from you to make this happen
We (the admins) can’t make all this happen alone. We need your help to turn our wonderfully sexy group into the best it can be.

In particular, becoming a Super Group. To make this happen, we would need increased participation from admins AND members.

Now many of you might be wondering “What does increased participation mean?”
It would mean:
-Submitting art to the proper folders.
-Asking an admin why a piece was denied, and then resubmitting properly.
-Contest Participation.
-Commenting on submissions, and journals.
-Either submitting, or critiquing peers in the critique folder.
-Giving your ideas for contests when the admins open member suggestions.
-In general, just being an active member of the group instead of lurking in the shadows helps everyone.

PART 3 The Not-so-near Future

As a final bit, we would like to share some future prospects that depend very much on how quickly/effectively the above items come to pass.

Firstly, should all of the above go well and according to plan there would be a possibility of reaching out to Fandom Favorite artists and having them join the group, give critiques, or even donate contest prizes!

Given the added support and interactivity of the group, more admins may be added giving us the opportunity to branch out to other social media sites such as Tumblr, Facebook, or possibly even FA.
More Journal Entries


Rules of Sexy-Furry-Females
1.Contributors are allowed to submit unlimited.
2.Members are allowed to submit up to 5 deviations a day.
3.Deviations must be in the regulations with deviantART.
4.Deviations can not be FULL human they can be humanoid but not FULL human.
5.Females Only unless Founder allows it personally.
6.Inactive accounts aren't permitted because of the chance that they may be spammers or trolls.
7.It is NEVER acceptable to have a cub in any of the pictures we feature here. Even if there is an adult in the picture.







Quick Rule Reminder and Explanation

Keep in mind that we allow no MALES and FULL HUMANS unless specifically said otherwise from someone in the top tier.

If your submission is declined:
There is a specific reason why we declined it. Usually it would be the fact that you submitted it in the wrong folder, or you actually didn't notice that there was a human/male in the picture. Heck, it could have been something that would probably been against the site's rules if you uncensored it.

-Yes: Take it to heart and either submit it to another group or submit it in the correct folder
-No: Go ahead and ask us for a direct answer

If your submission has expired:
This time, its on our head. Some of us have to juggle our lives and forget to actually vote to either allow or decline your submissions. Keep in mind that there is always at least one person voting so all we needed is to finalize it. Especially when one submission is on a teeter-totter with a yes AND a no.


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JK-madferret Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I'm trying to add these two pictures in the group:

Chibi Nikki by JK-madferret  Chibi Rita by JK-madferret

But for some reason they are getting declined all the time, I post them in the right folder too. Could you please explain me?
They are both furry females so I don't see why they are declined since I see you already accept other chibi females in the group already.
RannaDes Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I keep declining because I've been trying to add a new folder. The characters are Chibi, and I want to encourage for them to have their own little selection

Sorry if I end up bumming you out. Try putting them through "Chibi Sexies"
JK-madferret Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's fine, I wouldn't keep trying to submit them if I knew that's the case. 

Just saw the "Chibi Sexies" folder, though there's no option to submit in that folder.
RannaDes Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No options? Thats weird, Let me try to fix that up (I am currently raiding through ALL the folders and hunting down the chibies and moving them there, especially mine)
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Robie-Chan Featured By Owner May 29, 2015  Student General Artist
Hi there people, I was wondering if you could help me.

This user has stolen this picture, drawn around it and claiming it to be his character
Olivia at the Pool by BrandonUltimate

I need help finding the original artist to inform them of this art theft, this person has stolen alot of artwork and just added lineart around it and then claiming it to be his. thank you for your time and I hope you can help. 
SynapseMatrix Featured By Owner May 13, 2015  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
Why were my pictures withdrawn? Did I miss something?
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