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Sexy-Furry-Females is a clan of all the great artworks of Anthro, Neko, and Furry Females on DeviantART. We have pride in this family of ours so please come and enjoy the magnificent female furries in our gallery and if you love Sexy Furry Females wont you please join?
Founded 5 Years ago
Sep 6, 2010


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4,848 Members
6,389 Watchers
465,130 Pageviews
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Thanks for dropping by! We hope you remembered to join or +watch!
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:meow: Groups who want to affiliate, just send affiliate request to our group and it will be accepted :meow:
RannaDes, here!

I've noticed lately that people would either post works that is against the rules, or the picture is simply way too questionable to be allowed in anyways. I am sorry if you know your picture still abides by the rules, but if we have to question it, it wouldn't be allowed anyways. We usually give reasons, but if not, and you are unsure, don't hesitate to ask, anyways. We will aim to answer you as clear as possible. (If you tried to submit it into featured and it gotten declined without reasons, try again in a different folder)

I would like to give some insight as to why certain submissions are declined, as a friendly reminder:

Males Are not allowed, for any reason, and will very rarely be allowed whatsoever. We want to feature females in our group, and only females. Sadly this will include males who are "cuntboys" or simply identifying as female. If they are in the background, again, would be rarely allowed.

Child/Cub/Petite Young females are not allowed whatsoever. It is a risky fine line, and if not careful, can cross into child pornography territory. If the young isn't in the focus, it will still be declined for the same reason as the Males. Petites will be harder to pass, as they do look like they are Young at a glance. If we need to question it, it will be declined.

Human I know a lot of you try to submit works that is of a sexy fluffy female with her human partner, but humans are not allowed here. Our lowest limit is human figures with animal ears/tail, and do not plan on changing that anytime soon. This is especially towards those who think just submitting sexy human ladies would be sufficient here

Censorship/Sexual Acts "If it needs to be censored, it doesn't need to be here" is often the phrase I give to many artists whom I declined works for this group.  Cropping the works out also counts as censorship. Besides the fact that censoring your works can get very unsightly, you need to keep in mind that we want to follow dA's rules as much as possible. So by considering what the picture offers uncensored will come to high play here.

Bases/Adoptables/YCH's Simply not allowed. It has been talked over before, and it has come to the conclusion that it wouldn't be a good idea to let them in. One of the biggest reasons is that its available for a very limited time. Advertisements isn't allowed, let alone encouraged, that might change in the future, though.

Any concerns, questions, suggestions, you are free to share those thoughts on matters as to why we decline works.
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Rules of Sexy-Furry-Females
1.Contributors are allowed to submit unlimited.
2.Members are allowed to submit up to 5 deviations a day.
3.Deviations must be in the regulations with deviantART.
4.Deviations can not be FULL human they can be humanoid but not FULL human.
5.Females Only unless Founder allows it personally.
6.Inactive accounts aren't permitted because of the chance that they may be spammers or trolls.
7.It is NEVER acceptable to have a cub in any of the pictures we feature here. Even if there is an adult in the picture.







Quick Rule Reminder and Explanation

Keep in mind that we allow no MALES and FULL HUMANS unless specifically said otherwise from someone in the top tier.

If your submission is declined:
There is a specific reason why we declined it. Usually it would be the fact that you submitted it in the wrong folder, or you actually didn't notice that there was a human/male in the picture. Heck, it could have been something that would probably been against the site's rules if you uncensored it.

-Yes: Take it to heart and either submit it to another group or submit it in the correct folder
-No: Go ahead and ask us for a direct answer

If your submission has expired:
This time, its on our head. Some of us have to juggle our lives and forget to actually vote to either allow or decline your submissions. Keep in mind that there is always at least one person voting so all we needed is to finalize it. Especially when one submission is on a teeter-totter with a yes AND a no.


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Why did you decline my drawings? I'm waiting so long and... why?
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comment only on correspondence message
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only reply on the correspondence message
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